Listing a property

Call us at 760-350-9323, send us an email here, send us a text at 760-350-9323, or fill out the contact form on this webpage and we will get the process started. We would be happy to discuss your unique situation, and help with a property valuation.

Upscale One will never sell or share your information, or continue to bother you if you choose to not go with our services. We respect your choices, and your privacy.


Over 95% of buyers today start their property search online. We list all properties on the local Palm Springs Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to make sure that buyers who are represented by agents will be sure to see your listing. We also list your property through syndication on all of the most popular websites including Zillow/Trulia, Redfin, Realtor.com, our own website, and many more. In short, we list properties just about everywhere online.

We also list properties on the major social media websites such as Facebook Marketplace, and we create content on Instagram as well as Youtube as part of our service.

At your request, we will place a full color yard sign at the property. This sign will include a special QR code that potential buyers can scan to view the listing, conduct a virtual tour, or visit your custom webpage.

Closing the sale

You will work with the same agent from start to finish. Once we start dealing with paperwork, we will introduce you to your transaction coordinator.  A transaction coordinator’s job is to focus on the handling of administrative tasks that accompany a real estate deal, to keep everything organized, and help ensure that the process goes smoothly. We will pay the transaction coordinator directly for that service, at no cost to you. Once the property goes into escrow, more people will be added to the process, but we will be there to introduce you to each person and explain their role, and guide you the whole way.